Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dr. Geeta Mehta's lecture

Today's Dr. Geeta Mehta's lecture was great.
That was such a coincidence though, she was mentioning about Frank Lloyd Wright and I was very much inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright's book of his drawings for my main project.

When I saw Guggenheim Museum for the first time, I was just almost surprised and felt special to be inside of the museum. Since then, I have been interested in him, but I really didn't have a chance to know about him and his work well.

The moment was coming suddenly that I picked up his book last Thur. while I was trying to have some resources at the library. I already had this idea of incorporating drawing with my motion graphics, and his drawings blew my mind. It was so beautiful. He draws all buildings, landscapes, and interiors very much accurately. That was finally proved me how great and talented he was.

How Dr. Geeta Mehta explained today was that Frank Lloyd Wright influenced Japan and so did Japan to Frank Lloyd Wright. Some kind of form of integration between Japan (Japonism?) and West (Westernism?) was that I was looking for this time on my project.

When I thought of this main project, I expect that many of our classmates will be able to share their experience well but me because their experience will be so fresh to them and they will be standing on the similar point of view. So I knew that I would need to take a different approach to make my work personal.

Anyway, I will work hard for the rest of the weeks...


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