Monday, June 12, 2006

Donald Richie

He looked so graceful. I did not know him well, and never realized how famous he was. But, once he started talking about film, I knew how he is knowledgeable in his field, and how much people are respecting him.

The movie was very much challenging for me to understand the story, but it certainly gave me some kind of inspiration with its images and sound. I was almost nervous to see 65 mm real file machine? (projector?) so close to me for the first time. The sound from spinning the real of the machine in the dark space was very much pleasant to hear, which I have heard only in the movie or TV before.

After the session, I went to thank and talk to him to introduce myself and tell that I would like to take his class next semester at TUJ. He said he will probably have a class about Akira Kurosawa next spring. I am very much looking forward to taking his class.


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