Sunday, May 21, 2006

Walking in Tokyo

I read the article, "Walking in Tokyo". There are a lot of things that I totally agree, and with some, I have different view on them.
For instance, his quote "-privacy is a luxury almost as expensive as space. " is, I think, right. I grew up in Tokyo and never lived in suburbs except when I was in U.S., and it seems to me personally that everything (a lot of people, things, etc...) is just packed in this tiny area. This is sometimes irritant. Maybe this is not the matter of quantity, rather about the people's sense.
When the author says, "...- to see and be seen, to look and be looked at... How different Japan." I have different view on it, and this topic was raised actually when I and one of my Japanese friends were having branch on the other weekend. We agreed on that there is always some kind of relationship between one and the other in the public place so that we cannot get away from the sense that we are looked at by the person, who just pass us (they are of course strangers), or people are so conscious that they are watched by others. This atmosphere which is automatically created by Japanese society is really annoying sometime. By now, I don't really think about this too much, but I guess this is just one of cultural things.


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