Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kyoto Trip on the 4th day...

I just want to introduce this shop. On the 4th day of the trip my friend took me to her favorite shop which sells "tenugui (Japanese traditional printed fabric used as towel)". They had a variety of patterns and prints. At the shop, they frame many tenuguis and hang them on the wall to display. Also, they make a little bag, teddy bear, and so on, with tenugui.

They use 3 ways to make the pattern on the fabric.
  1. weave
  2. similar way to silk screen
  3. use ink jet printer (when the design is more complicated. (there are many colors, gradation...etc.)
I was impressed by the fact that they use original screen that was used in Meiji Period. Those designers were mostly unknown, but they said some of them were designed by professionals and others were done by art students at that time.
Now they are 14th generation, and make new design at the same time.

I thought this contains much of design element. They have the restriction to use this rectangle shape as a format, yet they take advantage of its length horizontally or vertically to place each element to it.
Check many of the patterns they design here!
Also, this is their Home.


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