Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Kyoto Trip on the 3rd day...

On the 3rd day of the trip, Sharon and I went to see the special exhibition "Emaki Unrolled: Masterworks of Illustrated Narrative Handscrolls" at Kyoto National Museum.
When I asked Ms. Noriko about the location of the museum, I knew that she was pointing out the right place on the map. But, somehow I misunderstood a minute later, and I took Sharon to Kyoto National Museum of the Modern Art. We ended up getting a discount ticket from the receptionist at the Kyoto National Museum of the Modern Art, which was lucky, but still I was sorry for Sharon.

After Sharon left for her own journey, I went to see one of my friends who is going to the grad school at Kyoto University. She is also my former boss at the company which I used to work in Tokyo.
She showed me around the areas where we didn't get to see on the 2nd day in Kyoto.

After we ate dinner, we walked along Kamo River in Shijo and Sanjo areas. I was a little bit excited about Ponto-cho since Steven was talking about it at Ryokan. My friend explained to me that they called this kind of little walkway to the restaurant (See photo on the left) as "Unagi no nedoko (the bed for eel)" because of the shape of the space. It is narrow and long to get to the entrance door. She was not sure though that she has heard when this area was developed (probably long time ago), shogunate decided the amount of tax that they collected from merchants depend on the width of the entrance door. So this was the strategy that merchants would pay the least amount of tax.

After that, we saw Maiko (A beautiful hostess dressing up with Kimono and wig, who plays music and dance for their customer) who was treated like a celebrity. I filmed at the moment. I am working on to make a link for the clip....


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