Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interning experience

I go for interning 1 or 2 times a week at a web-related company. We have just moved our office to the new location in Aoyama, and this is one of the room, a relaxing room, which has a soccer game bord and a fake golf green...etc. Finally, I had a lunch there for the first time because I wanted to do that and take a picture.

So, the green you can see in the photo above is a mini-fake golf green. I just found the hole for it last Monday. Until then, I was really wondering about this green, "What was it for??"
On the right hand side of the picture>> This is the soccer game board. I haven't seen people who are actually playing it, yet.

Another room I want to show you is the reception area. Walls, ceiling, and floor, everywhere is painted with red. The creative director said that this concept of design (color) is something related to our company logo. But, when you see this for the first time, that will be a quite strong impact to see.

Lastly, I want to quickly show you the object at the entrance hall of the building. (See the photo on the right.) When I saw this for the first time, I thought that this was just a part of the interior design, which will never be functional. However, I saw people sitting on it to wait for his colleague the other day and realized that the wooden block really works well as a bench.


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